Candace Whittemore Lovely
Crystal Fine Art

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Candace Whittemore Lovely

Born in 1953 Springfield, Vermont and educated by The Boston School of Artists - Candace Whittemore Lovely is a Copley Master (a prestigious honor bestowed upon artists from the oldest arts organization in America, The Copley Society of Boston). An Impressionist painter with a magnificent sense of light and color. Lovely uses a sharp contrast of warm and cool colors along with dynamic compositional perspective. The artists works include: figurative, portraiture, landscape and still-life paintings. Lovely has been featured in several galleries, auction houses, museums and universities around the United States. In 1991, she painted the First Lady Barbara Bush in Washington, D.C.. Recently, while working on a commission out on Nantucket, Lovely was filmed by A&E for a program featured on CNN. Several of her works are available in prints which are published up and down the east coast, from Maine to the Carolinas. Nowadays, you'll find Lovely painting the northern light near her home, on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. Original oil paintings are framed with hand-carved, gold-gilded, wood frames.



Port Royal Reader
Oil on Canvas, 1998, 50" X 46"

Sketching Vineyard Dunes
Oil on Canvas, 1996, 54" X 44",

Beach Recliner
Oil on Canvas, 1998, 32" X 50",

Sand Dune Roses
Oil on Canvas, 1994, 54" X 44

Crystal Fine Art
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